Sunday, October 18, 2009

unsalted butter and radishes make a great sandwich if you have good bread

don't think i've ever seen a more beautiful salad than this one of heirloom radishes that penny los santos, a national geographic photographer, created and photographed for d*s.

ps: doesn't "radish pink" sound like the best pink you've ever heard of? pink can get awfully frou frou, but radishes are peppery and spicy and crisp and I'm going to start calling everything radish pink from now on.

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vintage illustrations & where the wild things are...

Loving the splattery, scrawly look of mid-century illustrations right now...

and the flat, bright surfaces of these 1930's world's fair posters, too....

Thanks to illustrator "ward-o-matic" and his flickr set for the first image. And thanks to Vintagraph for the two world's fair images. Both of the latter are available for purchase in a variety of sizes.

Great link, btw: wardomatic's recent and wonderful analysis of some of Maurice Sendak's choices in Where the Wild Things Are. I am one of the people who know that book quite well, but I'd never thought hard about the role of "white space" in the story. Such an elegant, simple, and powerful strategy. Dazzling.

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