Thursday, August 23, 2007

back to school = cool online industrial supplies

In exploring the coolest online resource ever for affordable, modern shelving, etc, etc, etc; thanks Blueline!), i found this "map rail," lined in cork and full of fun clips and so on, which is $15 for 4'. I think the graphic stripes of cork and steel would actually provide a stunning and unexpected graphic pop, like a really great belt for your walls, in an entryway (stay tuned....!) or an office, & used all around the room. What a fun alternative to a traditional picture rail: easy to install, and a no-effort way to hang (and re-hang) your gallery .... kind of like a more yang version of mav's ethereal inspiration line, which I've never been able to get off my mind.

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Anonymous frances said...

that thing is awesome!!!

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan Hayes said...

Oh, I like that rail too.

I'm just about to start another decorating project, this one a hidey hole to which I can escape to write. I don't want it to get like my NYC apartment, which has just too much *stuff*. That map rail would be really useful, but I worry that it'll be a beachhead for the accumulation of more *stuff*.

And I want this new place to be really spare. Not Absolut Pawson, but soothingly bare. And my new place is so small that anything on the walls would be extremely visible...

Arrgh. I hate stuff because I love stuff. I love not wisely but too well.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Phoebe said...

i am so with you, jh. imagine how the most gorgeous hotel room would look with 1/5th of real "stuff" and it just shows you how hard it is to keep a clean slate. good luck on your hidey hole!

11:30 AM  

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