Thursday, November 09, 2006

william morris wallpaper: "sunflower"

This is one of my favorite William Morris wallpapers. I love how dense the pattern is-- it's like the 19th c. equivalent of Tord Boontje! Last December I actually ordered a sample from Charles Rupert of this print, and I'm still quite taken with it. Too bad my main man isn't a fan of wallpaper, full stop! Hopefully he'll turn around...

Note that Charles Rupert is a Canadian company that makes reproduction William Morris patterns and has not, to my mind, realized its true potential yet (in terms of modern tastes, one has to be a bit patient to find great prints); that said, I've noticed that Domino and Blueprint have both found CR, so likely we'll see some reformulations of their colors, and so on, in the near future as they adjust to a new audience.

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