Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The translucent tableware of Galleria Primavera

a. b. c. I found these pieces in a diminutive shop in Helsinki called Galleria Primavera, and held them up to the light to show how sheer the mini-trays (pics b and c) and table-mats (pic a) were. I esp. love the "crumpled" image, which is really a photograph of crumpled paper, transposed onto the table mat. Even though I don't often find myself drawn to tableware made of synthetics (here, polypropylene), these seemed wonderful in their milky transparency. A great, kid-safe setting. Note that they are madly affordable, 2-5 euros each. for info, contact galprima@galleriaprimavera.fi, as they don't have a website currently.

With its chandeliers and shells and dishwasher-safe table mats, its gleaming orange porcelain boxes (and on and on), Galleria Primavera definitely won me over.
That said, I guess I always enjoy spending time in teeny tiny boutiques; they tend to feel like labors of love from eclectic, passionate curators.

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