Sunday, December 20, 2009

stenciled fish floor at prada spring/summer 2009

"Poor thing!" was my first reaction after seeing this model take a spill in Prada's Spring/Summer 2009 collection (on Huff Po). Must admit that my second was, "gorgeous floor!" Wouldn't it be so chic to stencil the black, matisse-like, fish design on the floor of a wooden or lino bathroom, a nursery, or even on a large piece of canvas?

Beautiful description of the show from Luciole Press, a blog named for the French word for firefly, which reported that the Prada catwalk "meandered like a river and was painted with fish similar to ancient cave drawings... the models’ skin [was] slicked with water as though they had just risen from the sea."

Image via Bryan Boy.



Blogger Katherine Lee said...

i always feel so terrible for them when they take a tumble, but at least it drew our attention to the gorgeous floor! hope you're having a good holiday!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

6:23 PM  

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