Friday, July 31, 2009

If it's crumbling....

While researching the covers that David Lehman chose for the feature on poetry cover design that I'm doing at the Best American Poetry blog, I came across this wonderful image that has absolutely nothing to do with Kafka, but turned up on the Google image search: "Kafka" "Castle." (It's from a NYTimes article in October '08.)

Don't you just love the cheerful curtains that turn a wreck of a room into something altogether cheerful?

PS: The image it comes to us from BLDG BLOG, a great looking architecture blog that now has its own book. Possibly not for those who come to Silk Felt Soil via the glam, effervescent likes of Oh Joy, perhaps.... but if you're interested in contemporary architecture and surrealist wit, take a look.



Blogger Vincent said...

Presumably the curtains were a woman's touch, the kind of woman who would have a beautiful desk like yours.

11:02 AM  

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