Monday, August 06, 2007

ebay watch: '50's ceramic table lamps

these are estimated to go between $100-$200. Not bad.

I'm getting verrrrry into the idea of getting a pair of vintage 50's ceramic lamps for our living room...


Blogger Sarah said...

Our landlord in Marrakech, a well-known stylist and art director, adores 1950’s ceramics with a passion and infinitely prefers the pared back retro style to the overdone baroque-gay-oriental-fantasy of much Marrakshi expat interior design (come on, you know what I mean!). At first when we moved into his house we were a bit let down by the simplicity of it (rather hoping for the baroque-gay-oriental-fantasy thing, you see) and even more let down by the utterly pared back Le Corbusier style of his other house that we have just moved in to, but goodness we adore it now! Such a relief! Those lamps are *fantastic*.

5:44 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

They ARE cute, nice find

10:34 AM  

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