Wednesday, July 18, 2007

linen and silk: printed neutrals

have you heard of the online retailer "Fashion Fabrics Club"? Until recently I hadn't (certainly the name doesn't sound too promising) but they are definitely worth a look! If you have a project that requires some fabric (eg, I'm hoping to make some curtains in time for fall), you can browse on their site for hours: they have a great search engine, tons of natural materials like silk, wool, linen, and canvas, and excellent prices-- most materials come under $20 a yard. I just bought a bunch of different fabrics, 1 yard each, so I'll keep you posted and take some pictures when they come in.

From top: chocolate and ivory "circle" print in linen; a black and white silk plaid suitable for curtains; and this final silk chiffon print might make a cute dress....



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