Tuesday, March 13, 2007

by airmail...

how much do i covet this 1949 post office desk from kentucky... even disregarding the possibilities of storage, i kind of dig the pattern its grid of boxes make. it would be quite a statement for a large entryway!

in a smaller scale, here are some little accents of the post office. who doesn't love getting *real* mail?
- kate spade's crisp airmail calling cards, from crane (thanks courtney!)

- self-adhesive airmail stationary by pardon my hindi...

- and these beautiful 1927 stamps are on ebay currently..

I'm thinking that these, or something similar, might be a great image to "rasterbate"...? (thanks to the new blueprint blog, bluelines, for this fun (and free) idea).


Anonymous frances said...

seriously that rasterbater thing is the coolest ever! my mind is reeling with possibilities...

3:36 PM  
Blogger Rame Ottone said...

I loveee the big storage cabinet! I want one so much!!

10:40 PM  

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