Wednesday, January 24, 2007

zara home: high-impact, contrast-rich neutrals with lots of texture

As someone who is totally enthralled by neutrals (chalk whites, camels, slate greys, hits of black and navy), I'm always psyched to see examples of interesting, punchy, modern neutrals in the home. So, question: if these Zara home interiors work for you, would you share with me what you like? What makes them work for you?

I think hit of silver here really works, and the warm wood and caramel tones, and the sculptural objects (the horse bust, the cactus-like forms, that geometric thang). For me what doesn't work is the throw and the print-- I love the texture that each piece brings, but the overall effect is a bit busy for my taste-- something feels slightly off-key.

Another example of a softer neutral look from Zara:

I love the chalky background color of the cubbies, the stone floor, and the hits of these beautiful deep pinks from the embroidery on the wall, and the straw hamper. Substitute a real bed for the crib and it could easily be turned into an adult bedroom.

--> if anyone has tips on where to find shots of neutral interiors, do share! I'm looking for ways to turn our entry into something a little more high-impact....

(& thanks to Imelda for the link to Zara home)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So very relaxing ! I live with lots of color surrounding me and it's fun.Although I do have one room that's neutral for the most part although, my next home will be neutral throughout and smaller areas of color.Like inside of a cabinet with glass doors to see the color and left to the art on the walls as well.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Margot said...

The Zara interiors are wonderful... I think what makes them so warm and inviting is the sense of age and time that the mix of textures convey. Smooth new surfaces would be much colder.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Phoebe said...

margot, that's a nice point-- textures do give warmth to these shots, don't they?

8:34 PM  

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