Thursday, December 14, 2006

three ideas for the bed: headboards, lighting, and something in between!

A headboard for fans of New Orleans-style 19th c architecture: large tin ceiling tiles: Looove it. (From BHG, via Cribcandy).

As a lighting option, this...
= for people who are serious about reading in bed! (I've never understood whether those little decorative sconces can actually provide enough light to read by; somehow it doesn't seem possible; they must be really for decorative purposes, or for mood lighting.) Thanks to those at O at Home for this idea!)

And finally, this is a great DIY project for the holiday season...
"a simple wooden frame that mounts to wall studs rather than to the bed frame. Translucent polycarbonate panels create a soft, filtered effect for the light, which is provided by a set of holiday light strands." (From channel 5 in Phoenix, AZ!)

Could be really beautiful if the frame were rethought a bit. Perhaps a dark frame, and smoky walls....

Reminds me of the wonderful things that the fabulous west village wine bar, Alta, does with lighting in its space.
Alta has whole panels of lights that have been covered with canvas, creating a feeling of illuminated corridors just beyond the fabric... beautiful.

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Anonymous ambika said...

Oh my gosh, I love those large tiles. What an idea.

5:19 PM  

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