Friday, December 15, 2006

our kitchen renovation: the demo...

Happy Friday!

So. From before, to this fun stage of utter disarray: the cabinets have been taken out; the rough plumbing has been done; the old stove (ick!) has been disconnected and is ready to go; and today they're finishing up the rough electrical (3 days of rough electrical, for a teeny little job-- it's the old, 1930's wiring, so the electrican tells me; who knew the electrical would take longer than the plumbing?). Then I clean up the rubble as best I can, and tomorrow the carpenter starts with the drywall and perhaps even hanging the cabinets if we get lucky.

(and tonight, no thoughts of cabinets, but several parties, where I will forget the renovation woes.... my friend erika, for one, is having a blowout to celebrate the completion of her amazingly brilliant and capacious dissertation on "alphabetics" in renaissance literature!) congrats....


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Blogger E. said...

Phoebe! I may have finished my dissertation, but my true claim to fame will be your blog posting: my name letter in fabulous 19th century Basoli ruins, in the context of your kitchen in ruins! Does this mean my mind, like your kictchen, is now a tabula raza?

(Did you notice that heather, called "Erika" in German, appears in Basoli's image!? -gotta love that alphabet!)

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

I'm getting flashbacks of my renovation - ay yi yi!

Good luck. I hope everything's going smoothly; since you can't possibly be using my contractors, I'm sure it'll be an infinitely easier and more satisfying experience!

4:04 PM  
Blogger My Marrakech said...

Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

6:54 PM  

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