Monday, December 04, 2006

desks and work tables? some options...

Once the kitchen gets finished, the next project will be to set up a workspace for writing and projects in our living room (which currently is full of kitchen cabinets and appliances, so not much point trying to work in there!).

(Samuel Moyer ramp table...)

In my fantasies, my dream table
* is wooden
* is either old and wrecked looking, or (the other extreme) lacquered and bright white
* is a table, not a desk (desks are never long enough!), and yet has lots of storage. there's the rub.
* is transform-able into a dining table for parties, etc
* is able to sit two people so that my man and I can work together
* is under $500.

I've always had a strong curiosity about other people's work routines, and that includes a curiosity about how people like to set up their desks and workspaces: anyone care to share your dream setup? Do you like to work in an office, away from people? Or at the kitchen table? So interesting...

Here are some appealing options:
The Boston boutique, Vessel, has a cute "squat table" with under-table-top storage; it's sweet and vaguely affordable, but a wee bit small for my needs.

This one is from Staples Cabinet Makers, a company I found from Elisabeth's very interesting recommendation last week... I like the top a lot, not sure about the trestle bottom with the wheel (a little cutesy). But it has that great "go ahead and make a mess; I can handle it" vibe.

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Blogger Jamie said...

I love the first table, the wooden one. However for a dining table I'd go for something like this. It is a cheap dining table and chairs considering how much of a fancy and modern table it is.

6:34 AM  

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