Wednesday, November 01, 2006

'bird-cage pendant light' by Mathieu Challières, and the sweet wire lights of Marie Christophe

Such a sweet, playful lamp would be perfect for a nursery, or maybe even a home office... (More of Mathieu Challières's work can be found here.)

And speaking of les beaux luminaires francais, check out the light-hearted, sixties-inflected wire-work of Marie Christophe, made known to me by dear ada last month, and for that I am so glad! (when I have a little extra dough.....oh, the trouble I will cause!)

*March 1 2007 UPDATE! Anthropologie is selling the Mathieu Challières light... right here!

*March 28 2007 UPDATE! a silk felt soil reader made a very respectable DIY version:
image found in her flickr pool, here.

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