Tuesday, October 10, 2006

letterpress: a little rant.

Peter Koch's letterpress work, especially his ephemera, is so. damn. fine.

Here's the thing.

I like rough, mad, brazen letterpress. I like my letterpress single-malt, straight up. I like it with lots of typeface-- really amazing, old-school typeface. and I like it used, splotchy, like it's been somewhere. I don't want it pristine. I don't want it pretty. I don't want it cutesy retro. I want it unapologetically regressive, so out-of-date that it's not. I want it devil-may-care, with fire in its belly.

Typographical Horse, designed and printed by Christopher Stern, of the WA-based letterpress Stern & Faye.

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Blogger kstyle said...

I absolutely love this. I'm going to put your wonderful blog on my morning coffee visits. k

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