Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Thinking of You" vase cover by Tord Boontje

I've always loved ornate silhouettes, perhaps from reading Joan Aiken's Tale of a One-Way Street as a young girl and being enthralled by the gorgeous illustrations by the Polish-born artist Jan Pienkowski.

Jezebel's silhouettes on her stationary also always seem to have that wonderful, staged, mysterious quality, and from the moment I saw her work I loved it...

Today, coming across Tord Boontje's "Thinking of You" vase sleeve, on Los Angeles's AT, I was completely drawn in by his silhouette sculpture, a 2-D piece translated for the 3-D world. It is unabashedly fantastical. Definitely speaks to the dreamer kid in me.

(Side-note: we might add that yes, this is not radically different from the Boontje work that we've seen before, but for me, this piece is particularly unaffected and lovely, and moves away from, for instance, the now-tired stag/antler motif featured in the {in}famous "Until Dawn"curtains.)

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so exquisite.

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